Curriculum Vita

Dr. Jaffer Ali Nasser Moh’d
Kingdom of Bahrain
Contact number
00973 39636664

Dr.Jaffar Ali Nasser
EX- Bahrain Telecom. Company (Batelco),  PhD Qualified, and final research project is on Management Competency Towards Strategic Directions (Kingdom of Bahrain) well trained, self initiative character, highly committed, open minded to other views and can work under challenging environments. Posses twenty-four years experience at middle management level with Batelco. In addition, teaching and engineering experience with other firms.  Currently free line working as a Consultant of training and management as well as Part time lecturing.  Certified Expert Trainer From  the International Association Human Recourse Development (IAHRD), Certified Expert Trainer from Gulf Board Human Resource Development (GBHRD) and others recognized body, Succeeded The Train Trainer By   Human Resource Development.


2011     PhD In Business Management,                                                             Manila
2000     Master of Business Administration (MBA).                                           UK
1991     Advance Diploma in Management  (ABE)                                             UK
1984     Diploma of Supervision                                                                         UOB
1996     High National Diploma, Electronic (HND).                                            UK
2005     Quality Leader Audit Certificate                                                             UK
Written more than sixteen research papers in Engineering & Management

Train the Trainer Courses and Certifications  

 2013       Nervous Linguistic Programming  (NLP) International            
                Professional Trainer Certified by  Racer American Centrer

 2013       International  Professional Trainer Certified by  Racer American  
                Centre. Train the Trainer authorization
 2013       Certified Train the Trainer By:-                
                   American Board Of Unlisted Thinking                   
                   London Academy For Development                         UK               
                   Human Resource Development  Academy                UK                    
                   Association Of International Human Resources Development AIHRD
                   Gulf Board Bahrain.
                   International Academy For Training and Development  USA
                   Senior Graphology by International Hand writing Subscript reading Analysis

    2013      Trainer Graphology  by International Hand writing Subscript reading Analysis 

Teaching experience:

  • Part Time MBA Lecturer  with   Arab open University  AOU
  • Part time lecturer at the Delmon University                          
  • Part time Lecturer  at AMA International University                                    
  • Ex- Teacher of the National Training Programme of Certified Trainers Professional (CTP) at the Bridge Institute 
  • Part time teaching job at Capital Institute, Teaching short courses of Business Management
  • Bahrain Training Institute (BTI) up to date, teaching Management and Business courses, instructing at HND Level
  • Ex-Evectional training. Training the Trainers
  • Training Consultant at Excellence Business
  • Designed a Managerial Course for Delmon University

Twentieth Century and Train the Trainer Courses:

  • 2013        Esthetic Healing        
  • 2013        Fung Shi      
  • 2012         Depression Treatment
  • 2012       Emotional Freedom Treatment       (EFT)  Practitioner 
  • 2012        Positive Child Care Building
  • 2012       Nervous Linguistic Programming  (NLP) Practitioner
  • 2013      Nervous Linguistic Programming  (NLP) Advance    
  • 2013       Level 2 Graphology  (Hand writing Subscript reading)
  • 2010       Level 1Graphology  (Hand writing Subscript reading)
  • 2007        Herrmann  Brain Dominance Instrument  (HBRDI)                                
  • 2007       Sleeping With Imitation                                                    
  • 2007       Trust Your Self                     
  • 2000       Thinking Courses.                                               
  • 2000       Nervous Linguistic Programming   (NLP) Diploma
  • 2000        Directed Attention Thinking                                                         
  • 1998        Lateral Thinking
  • 1999        Advance Practical Thinking Training   
  • 1998        Mind Mapping  using both side of the Brain
  • 1998        1997        Six Thinking Hat


Middle Management and Engineering Position Filled: